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We the human COLLECTive,
COLLECTors of trash, debris, refuse.
Sand, slipping through 2 the bottom of the 8th hour glassy eyes see treasures in gold painted rocks,
rocks our existence 2 eternal damnation and self-loathing,
spawned by things most likely mock.

Eager 2 climb the mountain 2 the topic not slated 2 be aired on this channel.
Networking hard towards a goal that spits 4th no true wealth that knowledge of litter is king,
cause… we all work in sanitation.

Loaded down with COLLECTions of trinkets, crumbs and tidbits of an existence that spawns no path 2 the journey that is our own,
lest we should be weighed down by it.

We sag in the middle like an old couch, and COLLECT twice as much useless
change our names 2 COLLECTed chaos.
Carry on knapsack strapped 2 the back of an immobile society of excess;
billed as success.

Gather only what U will need 2 complete your journey 2 U.
E-Jack your knapsack of all superfluous data you’ve been COLLECTing, as u ascend 2 the apex that calls down 2 u
2 lighten your load.

At the base of the mountain, all hands rise 2 re-COLLECT and store
the valueless stash that I reCOLLECT U chose 2 trade in 4 a clearer path.
Reach deep… Take out your cell phone and call them COLLECT,
as they take on the burden of extra isht U cast aside 2 assist your rise.

Breathe in, scream out the key; “Lighten your load!”

-by B. Poree © 2004


2 thoughts on “Collect

  1. I’ve accumulated a heavy load over the years, and I’ve been carrying it around with me…only recently have I become aware of how much it’s been weighing me down…so this spoke to me.

    “We all work in sanitation” is true. We need to continuously eliminate any garbage in our lives, and we also need to collectively work towards helping clean up the world as a whole in my opinion.

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