Want Knot Knot


Strike the question from all pages of the mind,
4 the question of want, creates a want knot.
1st question in the book of tales transcends time.
What is it that u want? 2 want knot.

A loaded question gunning down your life force.
A knot in your stomach that dares u 2 want it untied.
A cord wrapped so tightly around your tongue, that u scream your desire 2 loose its grip.
Desire 2 hide
Desire 2 want knot.

“I want 2 b happy”. Happy 2 not want.
But happy is a word tied around the index finger of your right hand, reminding u 2 want the want knot.
If u r happy, u r content with what u got.
Being content means u want nothing;
Happy 2 want not the want knot.

The simple act of wanting implies discontent,
Binding your ankles,
tripping u up so u fall short b4 all that is heaven sent,
lest u b content… knot.

Want is the most draining, damaging, ill intending emotion man inflicts upon himself as he tills his plot,
sun rays ’til stars fall,
’til want becomes a want knot.

The day u awaken and want nothing,
contentment and inner peace will greet u at your front door and offer u tea.
4 u have found the secret 2 untying the want knot,
thus setting your angels free.

.                                                                                         -by B. Poree © 2003

The Want Knot

4 thoughts on “THE WANT KNOT

    1. Wow!!! ☺️ Thank you so very much for your kind words. Writing that poem meant a lot to me. It marked a really big transformation in my life. Once I got it out of my system and into words, I realized that this is how I want to live my life. Many blessings to you on your journey. ✨

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