Is The Police Force Hiring 5-Year-Olds Now?

I’m not a very political person, because I believe the power is not where it should be. But I do understand and accept that this is the way it is, and since I can’t change it, I have to roll with the punches.

There has been so much insanity going on in our world that I just can’t hold all of this in. If all of the stupid, ignorant shit that has been allowed to happen recently continues, we are about to become a police state. Peace is possible, but everyone has to be on board with making it happen–Not just the people, but the state, country and world as well. After seeing the article about the Anti-De Blasio Banner Seen Above Hudson River, for the first time in my life, I sent a message to the mayor’s office.

Dear Mayor de Blasio;

What is this turning their backs on you because they’re angry??? Are they 5? Police and Leaders who expect trust and respect, aren’t supposed to be childish and ignorant. Who allowed this?

I’m so sorry that the members of the police force are acting like a bunch of 5-year-old children. Someone should tell the police commissioner that the actions of *the officers reflect his leadership. Real men sit down and hash it out without making public spectacles of themselves. They should have sat down with you and talked it out, instead of reacting like babies with turned backs, pouted lips, and folded arms. These are the people in whom we are expected to entrust our public safety, and they *literally turn their backs on a grown man like spoiled children.

That is not how you earn the citizens’ trust and respect. The police commissioner and officers owe you and the citizens of New York and apology. All of this has been so childish and embarrassing; I don’t even know what to say anymore.

I’m sure he has better things to do than read my little rant, but it made me feel better just to let it be said.

I just can’t with the level of disrespect and ignorance that has been shown lately. What are we doing??? This is why people don’t like us. Some Americans are so quick to openly and publicly show each other disrespect. We let the whole world know how stupid, ignorant, and disrespectful we can be to each other. I can’t imagine how we appear to feel about the rest of the world? And it’s not even a truth. America is great, giving, and sharing. But can be even greater if we stop getting in our own way.

But that’s what happens when separatism rules. The whole world would be much better off if everyone just let go of the whole concept of us and them.

I’m going to go light a lavender candle now. Dissipate all this negative energy from my aura.

Mmmmm mmm mmm All we are saying…. is give Peace a chance!



3 thoughts on “Is The Police Force Hiring 5-Year-Olds Now?

    • I totally understand that. Citizens are constantly frustrated with law enforcement and Government officials, and take no steps back on expressing that frustration. To me that is more understandable than someone who wants us to see them as a figure of authority and respect, showing a lack of respect for another figure of authority. Then no one feels there is a need to respect anyone. We can get mad at each other as long as we want, and we can be mad with our figures of authority as much as we like, but we don’t want to see our leaders or figures of authority disrespecting each other. How are we supposed to look up to, trust or respect a figure of authority who makes the conscious choice to act like a child. I was completely shocked. To me that’s the equivalent of two parents fighting in the middle of a playground full of children, and one parent saying, “Well, she hit me first.” Smh 😞

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