The Persecution of the Red Cup

Persecute : to treat (someone) cruelly or unfairly especially because of race or religious or political beliefs : to constantly annoy or bother (someone) #ItsJustACup

I truly appreciated this post by Natasha Ramsey. I had to share it. People are just so out of control. There are more dire things to fight for. So many prayers need to go out to our brothers and sisters in Paris right now. This is where our energies should be directed. There is such an abundance of ugliness and hatred, and you would think that this is where Christians would want to have the strongest presence. The red Starbucks cups represent the recognition of diversity. That is the most humane, most Christian way to see it.
Be Christ-Like In Your Thoughts & Actions
I’ve come across many Christians who are anything but Christ-like. I’m not perfect, but I recognize when I’m not being Christ-like in my thoughts and actions. I’m human, so I fall out of line on occasion, but I recognize it as a fault. I don’t pretend it’s acceptable to be a warmonger because things aren’t going my way, and still say, I want to stay in God’s good grace. That’s not how it works.

Howard Schultz is all about diversity and being fair. He may be guilty of not thinking things through to the maximum limits sometimes, but he’s human, and at least he’s trying to be fair to all of his customers. He definitely tries to be fair to his employees. That’s an extremely difficult task, and people are being far too sensitive about things that don’t matter in the larger scheme of things.

Starbucks is a business. Businesses are not people. If you don’t like what the business stands for, or what you believe it stands for, don’t support it. Why get fighting mad about a friggin cup? That only brings negative energy into your world. Then you become a reflection of your actions. Now you have become a negative energy hate monger with red cup envy. But please know that Christ and negative energy do not go hand-in-hand.

Christian Claims
Those who claim to be Christians, yet their thoughts and actions are not Christ-like, are quick to shun, banish, cast-out, those who have not accepted the same journey they claim to be on. They feel that if you have not accepted Christ in your life, they cannot grow closer to God in your presence. This is not what Christ would do. What would Jesus do? Certainly not get all bent out of shape about a cup. Nor would he dismiss or banish anyone because they have different beliefs. Those who do not believe in Jesus, should at least believe in the concept of Jesus.

What Jesus was meant to represent, was a human being; a person just like the rest of us, but so unlike the rest of us, because he was a person of unshakable GOOD. If nothing, this is what we all should strive to be.

To Believe, Or Not to Believe
So what if an individual doesn’t believe in Jesus, God, or pagan Christmas ornamentation. A true follower of the teachings of Christ does not pass judgment on those who are non-believers.

The people who do believe in God should know, understand, and believe that people who don’t believe, were created by God as well. Who, among the believers in God, is so brazen as to question God’s creation of those who do not believe in God?

#ItsJustACup So let the cup be, and have several sanctified seats.

2 thoughts on “The Persecution of the Red Cup

  1. I (and I think a lot of other folk) was absolutely incensed by the idiocy of the #redcup foolishness. When all is said and done though it looks more like one very un-Christian ex-pastor was the only person who really had an issue. And it’s actually difficult to be angry with him because he seems genuinely confused and miserable.

    On the brighter side, I have seen so many people reacting with humor or insight as their response and that is very satisfying.

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