f33 Camera Club at Greeley

I joined a photography club at my job.

Initially, I went to the meeting just to see everyone’s work. Because I no longer have a 35mm SLR camera (I haven’t had one since high school) I didn’t think I would be allowed to join, but they were very welcoming of me and my 3 seasons past iPhony.

Last week the group gave me an assignment. The assignment was to go to Greeley Park and photograph things that were within my interest groups. My interests fall under the categories of nature, architecture, fashion, and art.

Greeley Park is very small so I was sure it would be impossible to find subjects that met all 4 of my interests. Somehow I managed to find images that fit all 4.

These are my digital iPhone shots

Art: Bird Sculpture

Architecture: Greely Square

Nature: Norma Croton

Fashion: Macy’s Ad

The one I thought would be the most challenging, was fashion. I didn’t think I would find anything that hit my personal level of fashion for fashion snobbery sake with enough backbone for me to deem worthy of photo memorializing. However, at the southernmost entrance to the park, there was a billboard with a Macy’s Christmas type ad on it.

It was just perfect for me. The plexiglass allowed me to photograph the scene in an abstract way. Abstract art is my joy. 🙃

They also gave me a manual camera with film and asked that I take the photographs without looking through the viewfinder. 📸

I thought that would be the end of the road for me but I did it and I’m happy that I took the challenge.

It took me out of my creative controlled environment and deposited me in a polarizing dirty art world–void of forced structure.

It was a very interesting and eye-opening experience, to say the least. But I wouldn’t have been as happy if I hadn’t also snapped a few pictures with my iPhone the way I normally would.

The analog film is being developed now for review at our next meeting and I can’t wait to see the grit of my exposed underbelly on display in this photo expose.

I’m curious to see, what I get to see when I can’t see.

My current favorites (for the moment) from my past photos

Art: Forest of Subconscious Sculpture (Grounds for Sculpture)

Architecture: 33rd Empire State

Nature: NY Botanical Gardens

Fashion: Zara City Life

Art = happiness 🎨🥰


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