My Pilgrimage 2 Prince’s Home

I found out about Prince when I was 14. I watched him on American Bandstand with my uncle E-Woo, and played the “For You” & “Prince” albums in his room. Although he doesn’t remember buying them. Maybe Earl or one of the twins brought them over. I wouldn’t know. I just know they were there. I became a serious Prince fan when I was 16 (35 years ago). Devouring his lyrics, trying to find hidden spiritual messages to convince my parents that he wasn’t the antichrist. 🙄 When I was 17, my mom passed and I had no siblings to look up to, so I latched onto his spirit and never let go. Unfortunately I was unable to bear anyone who reminded me that my mom was gone, so I distanced myself. Therefore Prince has been my mentor, my heart, and my soul for what seems like an eternity.

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Happy Halloween from Death and Scary Godmother!

Death and Scary Godmother, LargeRoomNoLight and Jill Thompson Comic Con 2013Happy Halloween! This is me as Death, from The Sandman Comic series… well sort of. Well I was wearing all black, now wasn’t I? Plus I had the little signature curl under my eye.  Ok, it’s not that easy to see with my glasses, but it was there. It was actually cute too. Lol!! And yes, I was supposed to be wearing an Ankh instead of a Prince Symbol. But that would be asking too much. Ok, I was visually so far from that character, it’s not funny. But I had her in my heart. snicker emoji

I am blessed to be posing with the official Scary Godmother at the 2013 Comic-Con. I didn’t go this year, but it’s not like I could top this? I got to meet one of my favorite Comic Illustrators; the beautiful, and incomparable, Jill Thompson.
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