Be My Mirror – A Reflective

Take a moment to imagine the image your character can reflect on the world. What would that image be? Would it be Bright? Would it be dark? Would it be dim? Or would it just be?

The mirror is not the only delivery system of reflections. Character reflects onto its witness, as it is a reflection of its host. We are reflections of what we choose to see and accept into the space of our humanness.
It is said that a Mirror can only reflect what stands before it. And when you look into that mirror, what you see is truth. But what is a mirror? Amalgam and glass, or energy reflecting energy? What do we really see when we look in the mirror? It depends on how we choose to define mirror. Object or action.
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iPhoto Fail and the Lost Limb

Outside of soul nourishment and spiritual fulfillment, there are few things more rewarding than realizing a goal. On April 26th, I finally finish my first knitted Pullover… with the added strip sleeves. I remember the day I started this project and decided that it would require sleeves (Sleeves Required), then subsequently realized that sleeves were my Kryptonite. Oh the drama that ensued (There’s A Light). Now my mission is finally complete.Strip Art Sleeve Knit Pullover with Mesh Knit ScarfMe in Strip Art Sleeve Pullover Continue reading


Oh Lord… & Taylor.

Tsunami Obsessed: Tsunami Sweater by Maria Dora at Lord & Taylor - Flickr

Tsunami Sweater by Maria Dora at Lord & Taylor – $468.00

I was in the process of doing my power-walk from 34th street to 96th street, when this sweater broke my neck.  I do my best to not be a rude New Yorker. I know how we hate when tourists stop in the middle of the sidewalk without warning, but I was stopped cold by this enchanting sweater, simply beaming in the window of Lord & Taylor. I was frozen on the spot. I immediately took out my phone and positioned myself to take this photo.


Without warning, or possibility of cessation, the true New Yorker in me came out. My side-eye dared anyone to pass in front of me while I was trying to get my shot.
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