Missing Me

Missing Me

I miss the me who danced the dance of thieves.
Stealing time, stealing glances at days long passed with juvenescence reclaimed.

Clipping moments of fresh cut joy and abandoned wistfulness.
Having; taking; giving—living wonder in excess and laughing at its fullness.
Sharing all once thought lost, but now found.

Dormant beneath the moss and overgrown chimera, she waits for me.
Slipping back down into the earth with roots fully extended.
Drinking; feeding; stretching long and wide.

Finally pausing to gaze upon the once barren fields of hope—now blessedly bathed in morning dew and blissfully showered in flowers. 🌺💐🌹🌻🌸

-B. Poree’ © 2018


It’s been a while since I shared anything creative here. I didn’t feel I had anything new to share. Now I think I can work my way back to sharing new things.

I realize now that I have been missing for the last 2 years. The me that I was, left everything that was here and went to a place of no reminders of the past. I didn’t want to remember anything nor did I want to forget. I saw both as voyages downstream with Scylla and Charybdis flanking right and left. The only real option was to just go forward. But my heart said, “No! Avoid the stream altogether. The stream is filled with lizards, poisonous snakes, jagged rocks and slippery stones.” But that very stream is also a part of my path onwards. I can’t continue to avoid it or stagnation will engulf me and stanch my flow. I must step out of the shadows of pain and back into the sunlight.

I miss the part of me that bathed in the warmth of the sun. I miss the person I became when I allowed the fire of creativity to course through my veins and fuel my sense of being. I need to reintroduce myself to her, take her in and nurture her broken spirit back to health. But can I? I’d like to believe and sincerely hope I can. ✨🙏🏽✨


Be My Mirror – A Reflective

Take a moment to imagine the image your character can reflect on the world. What would that image be? Would it be Bright? Would it be dark? Would it be dim? Or would it just be?

The mirror is not the only delivery system of reflections. Character reflects onto its witness, as it is a reflection of its host. We are reflections of what we choose to see and accept into the space of our humanness.
It is said that a Mirror can only reflect what stands before it. And when you look into that mirror, what you see is truth. But what is a mirror? Amalgam and glass, or energy reflecting energy? What do we really see when we look in the mirror? It depends on how we choose to define mirror. Object or action.
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It’s Only Natural

Give and take, and take, and take.

It is unthinkable to imagine a world without the purity of nature. The natural ebb and flow of the ocean. The visual cascade of endless stars in the sky. The trees, whose leaves sway in the Autumn breeze. But all that is in natural occurrence, on this big blue marble, is fleeting. We rape the air and castrate the seas. The trees give and take unselfishly. We take and take and take. Giving only that our natural laws enforce. Our elephantine footprint crushes the life force of that which holds us in power in this space. We should not allow that which we know and love to drift through our hapless, self important, fingers. The air, water, and soil from whence all pure existence bleeds forth, hang in the balance. It is not enough to be on this earth, we too are of this earth. Every particle of our being shares position with all that is, and will continue to be. Provided we continue to be.
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A World of Never Ending Happiness

Never Ending Hapiness
The circumstances behind Prince’s passing are still being mapped out, and I’m still waiting for closure. I saw a post on Twitter from QuestLove saying that we should read every single word in the song “Let’s Go Crazy”. Prince has always been seen as cryptic, but it’s just so intense right now. Given the current state of things, it’s actually rather haunting.



I’ve listened to this song thousands of times, and even mulled over the lyrics back when it was released. We always talked about his cryptic nature, and I was ok with that. I did my best to decipher everything, and try to understand–make sense of it in my own way.

4/21/2016 I Lost My Mentor Prince


I just wanted 2 say thank U 2 everyone who offered their sentiments about my mentor Prince. I apologize 4 not being able 2 receive ur communications right away. At the moment I am still unable 2 conjure my own existence 2 speak on his. 💔 Without knowledge, this wonderful man has held me down since my mom passed when I was in my teens. I’m in my 50’s now. The fruits of his tree have nourished my spiritual journey 4 over 3 decades.

I’m so earthshakingly devastated that I can’t breathe. I waited 4 a response 2 my tweet 2 him, that would allow me 2 breathe again, but it did not come. I have not taken a sacred breath in 5 days because I felt the centrifugal force he talked about in “One Song”, shifting him back to 1.

I am broken now. But all that I learned from him is still with me. I will never let go. In my world mentor, U R 4ever. My love is 4ever. 💜
“It won’t be long before the second coming… All of God’s children must learn how 2 love.” -Prince 1982

Thank u 4 sharing so much. ✨

“Sacred is the prayer that asks 4 nothing, while seeking 2 give thanks 4 every breath we take. Blessed are we inside this prayer, 4 in the new world we will be there. The only love there is, is the love we make.” -Prince 1996

😢 So devastated and damaged.

Love 4 The One = Love 4 All


The world is replete with children of God. Knowing and unknowing. Accepting and non-accepting. Pius and impious. Lost and found. Yet all are pure energy and love. 💖

It is hard 2 love the unlovable, but in our quest 4 oneness, we must make the conscious effort 2 succeed. Love 4 The One = Love 4 all. 💞

The light we wish shown upon us, we must shine upon others. Shine Bright beautiful friends. Shine Bright and behold. 🌟


Strike the question from all pages of the mind,
4 the question of want, creates a want knot.
1st question in the book of tales transcends time.
What is it that u want? 2 want knot.

A loaded question gunning down your life force.
A knot in your stomach that dares u 2 want it untied.
A cord wrapped so tightly around your tongue, that u scream your desire 2 loose its grip.
Desire 2 hide
Desire 2 want knot.

“I want 2 b happy”. Happy 2 not want.
But happy is a word tied around the index finger of your right hand, reminding u 2 want the want knot.
If u r happy, u r content with what u got.
Being content means u want nothing;
Happy 2 want not the want knot.

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