Mixed Knit Poncho - Junya Watanabe for Comme des Gaçons (Barneys) - $1,565.00

Happy I love Yarn… and Junya Watanabe Day

Mixed Knit Poncho - Junya Watanabe for Comme des Gaçons (Barneys) - $1,565.00Today, October 10, 2014, is I Love Yarn Day.  How can you not love yarn, when it can produce such a jaw-dropping masterpiece like this mixed knit poncho from Junya Watanabe for Comme des Gaçons?
Isn’t she beautiful?deamy emoji

I went to visit her at Barneys New York the other day.  I floated through the store, drooling over all the immaculate artwork on the racks. I know Barneys is a clothing store, not a museum, but sometimes I see it as an art exhibit that has constantly revolving showcases of all the top-name, and obscure artists’ works for sale–to use the word ‘sale’ loosely.

This was just so breathtaking; I had to take a photo. I wish it was a sweater, instead of a poncho. If it was a sweater, I would have bowed down and lit candles for it. I’m not a poncho type of girl. It looked amazing, but my arms felt trapped and I just couldn’t hang. Sometimes I totally wuss out, when it comes to function over fancy.
How am I going to knit, if my arms are trapped in this poncho? lmgao emoji

I asked her to come home with me, but she asked me if I had $1,565.00. I told her she’s going to have to stay at Barneys for now, and I went to the School Products Yarn Store. snicker emoji

9 thoughts on “Happy I love Yarn… and Junya Watanabe Day

  1. “How am I going to knit if my arms are trapped in this poncho” LOL…I was more of a fashion over function type of gal in the past, but now I like a happy medium. I love this piece tho, and it would be great as a sweater as well, in multiple colorways!

    I kind of look at Barney’s like a museum too. The pieces are wonderfully curated, and I remember almost fainting over this rodarte piece I saw one time lol.

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  2. Oh wow, I missed the official I Love Yarn Day! I did accidentally celebrate though: I worked on a sock 🙂 Every day is I love yarn day for us fiber enthusiasts, though.

    That poncho looks great on you! Wow! The price is prohibitive, but that’s how things go at Barney’s. The blend of colors and textures would make a gorgeous sweater; I hope you design and knit it!

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    1. Thank you Selia. 😊 I’m definitely going to give it a go. Junya Watenabe is showing us yarn lovers that there’s no excuse for not knowing how to handle excess yarn. But the Mulleavy sisters design team at Rodarte are the best at what to do with little pieces of leftover yarn. I have to showcase them one day.

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      1. Oh please do! I confess ignorance to that area of knitwear, though I do know the value of making the most of leftover yarn: cat toys, what I call “random” socks and scarves, and even short yarn ends in an mesh bag from oranges so that birdies can make nests with it. I’ve yet to attempt anything fashionable; being fashionable pretty much happens to me by accident, if it happens at all. 🙂 But I love watching creative and artistic souls like you explore all this!

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