Strip Art Pullover Sleeves Setup

Ain’t This a Trip?

Strip Art Pullover Sleeves SetupAin’t this a trip?  I knew one day it would come back to bite me. I’m always randomly buying yarn without a project in mind. Since in most cases I’m not technically working from a pattern, I’m never 100% sure how much yarn I will need. I always end up under buying, and since I have never completed a knit project like this before, it’s never really affected me. Well it’s affecting me now.

Sorry, We’re Out

I finally started working on the sleeves for my strip art pullover. And wouldn’t you know it; I was running out of yarn. I went to the School Products yarn store and bought two more balls. Going into my 10th row of Stockinette stitch, I decided to throw a ball of the new yarn in my project bag so that when it ended, I could just attach the new one. At the bottom of the project bag were the yarn I was working with and the label. That’s when I noticed the number 4 on the discarded label and the number 8 on the label of the new yarn. I bought the wrong size yarn. I went back to the store to exchange it. Before he even said anything, I recognized the ‘Sorry, we’re out’ face. Karabella Aurora #4 yarn (black #1148) was out of stock and a new batch would not come in for a few months. I’ve already been hanging on to these nonexistent sleeves for two months; I didn’t want to wait any longer.

Let’s Add Some Bling

I realized that if I continued to work in #4 yarn, at some point, I would run out. It was working up pretty quickly, and I could see that if I stopped at this point, I would have about the same amount to use for the second sleeve. I cut the #4, attached the new #8 yarn and doubled it with a metallic gold thread. I figured if the weight of the yarn was going to be noticeably different, I had to compensate by adding something that would make it less obvious. Let’s add some bling. This way, I could start sleeve number two with the number #4 yarn and I can finish the sleeve with the metallic gold and #8 yarn.

Strip Art Sleeves Close

Strip Art Sleeves Closeup








About 5” in, it was obvious that the Karabella Aurora #8 yarn (black #1148) was a deeper black than the Aurora #4, but that’s ok. I’m a long time advocate of mixed media and mixed texture, so I think it will be alright in the end.

Sometimes you just have to roll with the punches and hope for the best.

9 thoughts on “Ain’t This a Trip?

    1. 😱 No!! Never!!!! We must never stop buying yarn, or the world would stop turning. Lol!! 😄 Thank you GG. I just didn’t want to stop and wait for a new shipment to come in, which still has not happened. I’m glad I was able to figure something out. Waiting to knit sucks. 😊


  1. Pure genius! Around my place, I’ve got a lot of “close, not quite” matchy yarn. I never thought to make it look like I planned it that way. I’ve even got a partial spool of similar gold thread. I was going to sell it, but I just changed my mind. Thank you, I’m totally stealing your idea!

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  2. I LOVE how you added the metallic gold, and I like that the sleeves are two different shades of black. Like you, I love different textures and tones mixed into a garment. It adds depth.

    I like working with an idea and then buying the materials to execute that idea, but sometime the material is the inspiration, so weather you buy a knit with a project in mind or not, you can now have faith that you will be able to figure something out for it. Sometimes the most interesting results come from having to come up with a solution for an unexpected problem.

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  3. I hate it when that happens! I often buy yarn without a project in mind and I worry the whole time I’m knitting because I don’t know if I have enough. Great solution to use the metallic! I’m looking forward to seeing it completed. 🙂

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    1. I lucked out with thinking about using that gold thread, which I also purchased without a project in mind. But I have to see this as a wakeup call and from now on, I will look for an inspiration and draw out a plan before purchasing yarn. Let’s see if that actually works out for me. LOL!! 🙂



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