Dead Fish Swimming: a Horror Story for Creators of Intellectual Property

Last night I read this blog post and had to re-blog, as it had me backing up everything I could find.😱
Dead Fish Swimming: a Horror Story for Creators of Intellectual Property 

Posts like this need to be seen. My first reaction was, That’s right! Preach the straight up truth. 👏 People who are not artist should not have any rights to the art of another. They don’t realize that when you create something, you are sharing a part of your soul.

Sometimes the work just flows out of you, and you don’t always have control of its path, or the elements it pulls into its creation. Art should always be the property of its creator. My mentor Prince was a very strong advocate of that belief, and the fact that protection of one’s intellectual property remains an issue for artists is a travesty.

Timothy Donald Cook, Are U Aware of This?

I was beginning to get annoyed when some of the songs that I had manually placed on my phone began to get altered. Sometimes a song would start in the middle of the song, and I would realize that there was no beginning anymore. The whole beginning of the song had been cut off somehow. Sometimes a song would just stop in the middle and go to the next song. When I would go back and start it again, the same thing would happen. That’s when I realized that the duration of the song had also changed. It wasn’t just randomly cutting off–The song was permanently cut in half. 😡

This is making me afraid. It makes me want to go check my hard drive now to make sure that not only my in-process screen plays, shorts and poems are ok, but also that those songs are still intact on my hard drive.

I love Tim Cook, but if there is any truth to this iTunes intellectual property hijack, it’s gonna be World War 3 on Apple. ⚔ Especially if I lose any of my Prince stuff. This is really really frightening. I need to backup everything ASAP.

Please Read the following blog post. By KC Redding-Gonzalez. It’s very important if you are an artist of any kind.


I recently visited a product development and turnkey services blog right here on WordPress that contained a post about Apple and its “accidental” confiscation of original music. What, you are wonde…

Source: Dead Fish Swimming: a Horror Story for Creators of Intellectual Property

5 thoughts on “Dead Fish Swimming: a Horror Story for Creators of Intellectual Property

  1. Thank You, Belinda, for Sharing this. …Grumble, Grumble, …You do such wonderful work like sharing these things, and I absolutely Hate to see words like no light, and all that. …Love and Regards.

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  2. Our own writing is definitely our intellectual property. If Apple or any other “big brother” is confiscating music, art or words, that restricts personal freedom. Spineless individuals. Back up all work before posting. Life is too short to be small.



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