Prince Autographeg NPG MagazineToday is the anniversary of the day God placed Prince on the path to be my spirit guide and mentor. āœØ For me, the celebration will never end. Towards the end, because of his spiritual beliefs, he didn’t celebrate his birthday, but I always celebrated. I saw a post on Twitter from Prince’s friend L Londell McMillan, asking that everyone share a special memory that we have of him. I decided to share the day that was the first time I met him face-to-face.

On the Outside, Looking In

My daughter cried all day when I told her I was going to meet Prince at Tower Records and she was too young to go. She was 8. I finally caved in to her tears. We spent the night before at the house of a friend, who lived close to the store. I was writing a story to give to him. The story was called “On The Outside Looking In“. It’s about what it was like 4 me, being a Prince fan.

That night my daughter and I, and several others, slept on the concrete in front of the store. When the news reporters came that morning, I thought I would be reported to the child investigation bureau. Thankfully I wasn’t, and we got to meet my mentor and give him the book I wrote. My daughter was more interested in checking out his shoes. šŸ‘¢šŸ˜‚ I was slightly embarrassed because she kept looking under the table. I didn’t know why at first. Then she looked up at me and said I wanted to see his shoes. I’m glad he thought that was funny. I also gave him a novelty condom lollipop. I guess it was my way of telling him to stay safe. He and his girlfriend, and later wife, Mayte laughed about the lollipop. He was gracious for the book and asked me if I wrote it. He flipped through the pages smiling, and said thank you. With a gold sharpie, he signed his symbol on the magazine I had. I floated out of there on the same Purple cloud that has been keeping me close to The One for over 30 years.

That was the first time I met Prince. The second time I came face-to-face with him… well not actually face-to-face, since I’m 5’8” šŸ˜‚, but practically a foot apart, was on 6/17/06 at Butter Restaurant. He was performing there but, there was no stage. So there I was just standing there on the floor in front of him, uncomfortable and nervous. He made fun of me twice that night. Once for not realizing I was standing on his mic cord, and the second time for not being able to properly execute the 3121 hand signals he had the audience doing. But I had been a fan long enough to know his sense of humor. His loyal fans actually got to see a different Prince than the one the media often presented. He had a wonderful sense of humor and would make fun of you at the drop of a dime, if he felt comfortable with you. It was an amazing ride and I never wanted to get off.

I am blessed to have shared space with him on several occasions. For me, every day is #PrinceDay šŸ’œ āœØ šŸ™šŸ½ šŸŽ§



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