Be My Mirror – A Reflective

Take a moment to imagine the image your character can reflect on the world. What would that image be? Would it be Bright? Would it be dark? Would it be dim? Or would it just be?

The mirror is not the only delivery system of reflections. Character reflects onto its witness, as it is a reflection of its host. We are reflections of what we choose to see and accept into the space of our humanness.
It is said that a Mirror can only reflect what stands before it. And when you look into that mirror, what you see is truth. But what is a mirror? Amalgam and glass, or energy reflecting energy? What do we really see when we look in the mirror? It depends on how we choose to define mirror. Object or action.

We have the power to choose what we want to see. Looking at something is not the same as seeing it.

When I walk down the street, there is anger and negative energy everywhere I look. While looking at this may occur without choice, the choice, however, remains solid that I can still choose to look away–to look, but not see. I can also choose to see only that which brings me light. That which feeds good. That which breeds God.

Because of our given power to choose what we see, and what we allocate to our minds, when we look in the mirror, we can reflect what we consciously have accepted as worth seeing.

Stand bright and tall. Be a mirror worthy of being a reflection.

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6 thoughts on “Be My Mirror – A Reflective

  1. Lovely ideas in this post.. You’re so right – we can choose to ‘focus on the good’ that we see in the World – it’s sometimes hard but definitely worth it. Today I’m going to ‘stand bright and tall and worthy of being a reflection’.. x

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